A retirement plan you can smile about

We believe all Canadians deserve a retirement savings plan that puts their needs first. That’s why we’re excited to partner with the British Columbia Dental Association to offer a user-friendly, low-fee plan that stays with you for life.

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Demo and open Q&A with a retirement specialist

Learn how Common Wealth helps you build greater retirement wealth compared to a bank RRSP. Bring your questions and see how easy it is to join the plan.


Saving for retirement:

a digital RRSP/TFSA plan for BCDA members

Tues, Oct 12, 6:30PM Pacific


Smart financial choices, made easy

Whether you are close to retirement or it’s years away, Common Wealth’s digital retirement plan provides an easy way to save, invest and grow your savings—so you can spend your retirement, however you imagine it.

Watch the demo for the BC Dental Association

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A retirement plan for you and your clinic

A retirement plan is a great way to grow your savings for the future. It also helps attract and retain staff. In partnership with BCDA, dentists now have access to an affordable retirement savings plan for themselves and/or their clinic.

Attract top talent

Candidates prioritize job opportunities with financial benefits such as a group RRSP/TFSA plan.

Attract Dental Staff

Retain & reward staff

Studies show 71% of workers would opt for a retirement savings plan over a pay increase.

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Strengthen your practice

Investing in the financial wellness of your team creates long-term value for your clinic.

Boost business

A plan for life

Our plan is yours for life, it supports you job-to-job and into retirement. 

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Let's talk plans

Would you like to help your employees save for the future? Setting up a plan is easier than you think. Book a FREE, no obligation meeting to explore your options. 

Answers to your top retirement questions

Common Wealth is the only plan on the market with built-in personalized retirement planning that helps you manage your RRSP and TFSA investments job-to-job and into retirement. 
Saving for the future


Find out how much you need to save for retirement and how much you can expect from government benefits.


Find out where to save – RRSP or TFSA – so you can minimize your taxes and maximize your benefits.

BCDA benefits


Get matched to an appropriate investment portfolio to grow your money for retirement.

save more, retire happy

Join the plan

You can join Common Wealth as an individual, using the same email you use with BCDA or talk with us about providing a plan for you and your team.
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