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Helping Canadians retire happy

Common Wealth is on a mission to make it possible for every Canadian to have a financially secure retirement. 

Whether you’re new to planning, or a long-time saver who wants a more comprehensive retirement solution, we’re here to help.

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Setting up your retirement account is easy
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The retirement challenge

Only a minority of Canadians have access to a secure, high-quality retirement program through their employer. Many are nervous and want to know they can retire worry-free and with dignity—but right now, many can’t. Traditional options don’t help people build a true retirement plan, and fees are too high. Far too many Canadians feel overwhelmed and avoid taking steps to ensure they retire with enough.

We decided it was time for a change. It was time to put your retirement saving needs first.

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90% of Canadians don’t have a plan to achieve the lifestyle they want in retirement

Source: CIBC

Building wealth for the future

Common Wealth was built on a very big idea: that if we do the right thing, we can give all Canadians a chance to build substantial wealth through their retirement savings.

We believe that our modern workplace plan will help ease the anxiety associated with financial security—so you can retire earlier, travel more, spend more time with family, or give back to your community—to live a better life, however you imagine it.

That’s the freedom that comes with choosing your own retirement journey. That’s the benefit of taking care of your future self now.

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Common Wealth plans have been recognized
for their innovation in plan design and technology

2023 Excellence and Innovation in Communication & Engagement - Finalist

2022 Innovation in Technology

2021 Innovation in Plan Design (Common Good Plan) - Runner-up

2020 Innovation in Plan Design (OMA)​

2018 Innovation in Plan Design (my65+) - Finalist​

2022 Defined Contribution Investment Innovation (Humi) - Finalist

2021 Defined Contribution Investment Innovation (my65+) - Finalist

2020 Defined Contribution Investment Innovation (OMA)

2023 FinTech Breakthrough Award - Retirement Management Innovation

2023 World Finance Innovation Award - Most Innovative Company in the Pension & Retirement Industry

Our Team

Our goal is to help you maximize savings throughout your life and into retirement

Jonathan Weisstub

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Alex Mazer

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Jennifer Brown

Chief Customer Officer

Filip Zalewski

Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Yeldon, Head of Marketing, Common Wealth

Christopher Yeldon

Head of Marketing

Advisory Board

Michael Nobrega

Michael Nobrega


Asheesh Advani

Asheesh Advani


Murray Gold

Murray Gold


Harry Arthurs

Harry Arthurs


Flexible pricing

Choose the best solution for your needs

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