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Taking employee benefits to the next level with
Jack Larmond, President JWL Benefits

Advisor webinars

The easiest way to grow your retirement benefits business

Tues, Sept 13th @1pm Eastern

There is a huge opportunity in Canada for advisors who offer retirement benefits. We’ll share what’s driving the need for workplace plans and how our low-fee plan for life helps you expand your business and continue to serve clients after they leave their employer.

How to accelerate your group retirement revenue

Tues, Oct 4th @1pm Eastern

Group retirement is one of the fastest-growing areas of the employee benefits market. See how our turnkey sales approach helps you engage clients, drive adoption, and achieve exceptional employee participation. 

The retirement benefits opportunity

11 million Canadians are employed by small and medium-sized companies, yet the majority of them don’t have access to a workplace retirement plan. 

A retirement plan for SMEs

Grow your business

A paperless plan that creates huge value for your clients – and low effort for you.

Expert service & support

Our team of retirement specialists will help you sell, educate and support your clients.

Retirement resources

Get helpful insights on the group retirement industry, and tips for engaging your clients.

Keep earning commission

Earn repeatable, compounding revenue and continue to serve your rollover clients.


Get started with Common Wealth

Connect with our team to learn more about our plans, get a demo of our platform, and to join our network of advisors.


Workplace and personal plans

Common Wealth offers RRSP, TFSA, DPSP and RRIF accounts in a single plan – with support for continuing members and rollover clients.  

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We've made retirement benefits easy for clients

We’ve removed complexity and paper-heavy administration with a digital platform that provides rapid setup, payroll integration, and a user-friendly enrollment experience that offers smart suggestions to maximizes retirement savings.

Smart investing

A streamlined, pre-selected investment program of target date funds from BlackRock

Low fees for life

Low fees over time can result in significantly more retirement savings for members

Digital platform

A fully digital, self-serve platform for members and sponsors for rapid, easy setup and administration

Turnkey onboarding

Flexible engagement model – participate in any (or all) client onboarding and education touchpoints

Guaranteed income for life

Members can convert part of their RRSP savings into annuities to protect against the risk of outliving their money

Built-in planning

The only plan that suggests how much to save, monthly retirement income, and estimated government benefits

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Common Wealth to your clients

Why members love us

Common Wealth offers built-in personalized retirement planning with smart suggestions to help members maximize their retirement savings. 
Track your retirement savings


Find out how much you need to save for retirement and how much you can expect from government benefits.

Save regularly and increase contributions over time


Find out where to save – RRSP or TFSA – so you can minimize your taxes and maximize your benefits.

Simplified Investing For Retirement


Get matched to an appropriate investment portfolio to grow your money for retirement.


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Get access to CE accredited courses, brochures, videos, presentations, testimonials, scripts, pricing, investment info and more to help you introduce Common Wealth to your clients.

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