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The future of retirement technology and the impact to advisors

Innovations in technology are transforming the way your clients interact with HR systems, payroll, and group retirement plans. More and more, employers are looking to you for guidance in evaluating the technology best suited to meet their business needs – with important factors like digital user experience, process automation, cybersecurity, and how well providers keep pace with the latest tech trends. 

Watch our expert panel share their insights on how modern technology is changing the group retirement industry – and can help you future-proof your business. 

Webinar: The future of retirement technology and the impact to advisors


Building the perfect retirement plan

Building the perfect retirement plan

In this Fintech Insider podcast, Common Wealth’s co-CEO Alex Mazer discusses how to build the perfect pension offering. Joined by two UK-based fintech innovators, Jasper Martens of PensionBee and Andy Russell of Wealthify, the panel explores the improvements that need to be made to get pensions right. 

Podcast on financial security in retirement

Life Two

Co-hosted by retirement experts Don Ezra and Common Wealth, LIFE TWO offers in-depth, insightful conversations with the world’s best thinkers on the trends and ideas that are driving change in the retirement security field.

Financial health and wellbeing

The Financial Checkup

OMA Insurance partnered with Common Wealth—the administration and technology partner for the award-winning Advantages Retirement Plan™—to produce THE FINANCIAL CHECKUP. The series is devoted to improving the financial wellness and retirement readiness of physicians and their spouses.


Enrolling in your workplace plan

How to transfer your TFSA or RRSP

How to make a one-time contribution to your RRSP

How to add more funds to your plan

How to add monthly contributions

How to select your investment fund

How to maximize your government benefits

How to set your target retirement income

How to update your income

How to update your other savings

Enrolling in your plan


Employer Dashboard: Creating your account

Employer Dashboard: Adding employees to your plan

Employer Dashboard: Reviewing your employee requests

Employer Dashboard: Uploading your payroll register

Digital plan setup & employee onboarding

Flexible pricing

Choose the best solution for your needs

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