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The Financial Checkup

Featuring top financial questions and retirement stories from physicians.

As the administration and technology partner for the award-winning Advantages Retirement Plan™, we are very excited to partner with OMA Insurance on a new podcast series devoted to improving the financial wellness and retirement readiness of physicians and their spouses. 

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Episode: Growing Your Savings with BlackRock Target Date Funds
We introduce BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager and provider of the target date fund offerings available through the Advantages Retirement Plan™.

Episode: Preparing for Retirement Featuring Dr. Audrey Karlinsky 
What will retirement look like for you? We talk with Dr. Audrey Karlinsky, member of the Advantages Retirement Plan™ Investment Committee and newly appointed OMA Board Director. She shares what retirement looks like to her and how she’s preparing for the retired life.

Episode: Preparing for Retirement Featuring Dr. Adam Kassam
We speak to Dr. Adam Kassam, president of the OMA.

Episode: Preparing for Retirement Featuring Dr. Sohail Gandhi
Our featured guest is Dr. Sohail Gandhi, one-time president of the OMA.

Episode: Preparing for Retirement Featuring Dr. Samantha Hill
We chat with Dr. Samantha Hill, past president of the OMA

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