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When it comes to saving for retirement, most Canadians have to choose between investing in a high-fee RRSP that chews up a significant amount of their earnings, or learning to manage their own investments. With Common Wealth, you get the best of both worlds: low fees and a professionally managed investment portfolio.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of investing by offering low-fee BlackRock funds that are designed to balance between growing your investment and protecting against risk, so you can reach your retirement goals.

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Enhance retirement wealth by as much as


The Pension Research Council at the Wharton School found that plan members using low-cost target date funds earned 2.3% higher returns each year, which can enhance retirement wealth by as much as 50% over 30 years.

Olivia S Mitchell & Stephen P. Utkus, “Target Date Funds and Portfolio Choice in 401k Plans” (2020)

It’s not about timing the markets, but time in the markets

BlackRock Director Farzan Qureshi joins Common Wealth co-CEO Alex Mazer to discuss how retirement plan members can navigate the market downturn.

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Is your plan helping employees answer basic questions like: How much do I need to live in retirement? How much do I need to save? What can I expect from government benefits? What investment options are best suited for me? If not, let’s talk!

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