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Who is Common Wealth Retirement?

Common Wealth Retirement is a fast-growing, mission-driven fintech company aimed at helping Canadians of all income levels achieve a financially secure retirement without having to become a financial expert. Our award-winning digital retirement platform makes it easy to set up an automated, personalized retirement plan that delivers 2-3x more value than a typical RRSP.

75% of Canadians are concerned about having enough money in retirement, and the majority of Canadians age 50+ do not feel they have a plan for their retirement savings. We believe that the financial services industry has made saving and planning for retirement harder than it needs to be, through a combination of high fees, unnecessary complexity, and the failure to put the customer at the centre. You can make a difference by providing access to a higher quality retirement plan to Canadians regardless of how much they earn or where they work. 

Common Wealth Retirement offers a customer-first approach to retirement planning. We’ve cut the jargon, lowered fees, streamlined the user experience, and incorporated expert financial strategies to simplify the process of planning, saving, and generating income in retirement.

We offer our retirement plans through employers, membership-based organizations, and other partnerships.  

Retirement Planning Is Easier Than You Think!

We’re on a mission to make retirement saving and planning easier. When customers experience our platform, the most common thing we hear is “That was easier than I thought!”

PLAN – Smart Planning allows you to build a personalized retirement strategy. We estimate your future saving needs and outcomes based on your goals, contributions, income, and age. Our plan automatically adjusts saving projections as you make contributions and transfer funds.

AUTO-SAVE – We put your retirement savings on auto-pilot, helping you split your savings between a TFSA and an RRSP, and creating a personalized savings schedule to help you keep pace with your retirement income goals.

AUTO-INVEST – We automatically suggest a diversified portfolio and invest your savings into a fund that automatically rebalances and reduces risk as you approach retirement.

TRACKJust like your online bank account, your Common Wealth Retirement account stays with you, so you can log in and check your balance, transfer over an existing TFSA/RRSP, or make a lump sum contribution at any time. 

Our team

Our growing team combines expertise in the key disciplines necessary to help our customers achieve retirement success. This includes retirement and pension expertise, financial technology, financial regulation, operations and customer service, human-centric product design, and knowledge of the needs of employers. We work with world-class investment and annuities providers, including BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, and Brookfield Annuity, a leading provider of group annuities.  

Hear from our Director of Employer Solutions

Why are we hiring an Account Executive? And why would you be interested in the role?

To bring a better retirement solution to Canadian employers and their employees, we first must challenge the status quo. Many employers don’t know that it’s possible for them to provide an easy-to-use, high-quality retirement benefit to their employees. Others have accepted existing providers as the default option, even though it could be costing their employees hundreds of thousands of dollars. Millions of Canadians are worried about their retirement readiness, but they often procrastinate in taking action to address it. Helping more people retire with financial security requires your leadership in educating and motivating people to take action. Regardless of size or sector, in this role you will challenge and empower employers and employees to change their “institutional” thinking about financial wellness. Millions of Canadians are worried about this topic, and there has been near zero innovation in decades.  

About you

  • You have 3+ years of experience in client or customer-facing roles (e.g. sales, consulting, client service)
  • You’re a natural educator and status quo challenger
  • You’re curious and hungry to learn about businesses and their problems 
  • You have high intellectual acumen and smarts 
  • You have start-up DNA: you are practical, resourceful and thrive when you have to figure things out as part of a “learning machine” 
  • Testing ideas and approaches is in your comfort zone
  • You’re competitive and persistent. You like to win and will put in the hard work to get there
  • You’re persuasive and can confidently present to potential clients and customers
  • You’re customer-centric and always looking for ways to help them
  •  You’re a team player with a positive attitude 
  • You are open to self-reflection, growth and learning 
  • You can learn a complex new domain quickly 

Day-to-day contributions

Your main mission will be to help bring new employers and their employees onto the Common Wealth platform. As part of this work, you will be: 

  • Sourcing new sales opportunities with employers through building relationships with partners and clients, inbound lead follow-up and outbound outreach 
  • Nurturing and qualifying inbound leads driven by the marketing team 
  • Managing your own pipeline of employer opportunities, maintaining and expanding your database of prospects within your target territory 
  • Testing and improving on our strategies and playbooks for communicating our value to small and medium-sized employers; examples could include delivering online presentations or group sessions to prospective customers, helping craft effective pitch materials
  • Onboarding new employers and their employees into a Common Wealth retirement plan and supporting them on the first part of their member journey. This might include running online group education sessions for staff and guiding new plan members through the enrollment process to increase adoption. 
  • Join the daily sales morning stand-up and afternooon “stand down”! 

What to expect during the recruitment process

  • Once we receive your application, you can expect to have a virtual meeting with one of our hiring managers. This conversation should cover the history of the company, the problem we are solving, and sharing insights into your background and interest in joining Common Wealth. This is also the first opportunity to highlight not only your interest but your competencies for the role you are applying for.Often this meeting is anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes on a video call.
  • The second step will include roleplay demonstration of how you would handle a client conversation and sales opportunityThis will include a short assignment, for which you will be given a couple of days to digest the material and come up with your approach. The hiring manager and additional colleague will then be scheduled to meet with you for the live role-play of the material. This is usually a one-hour meeting, also on live video with candidate(s) presenting their work.
  • In the third step, you would be meeting individually with members of the leadership team.
  • Our fourth step is offer, acceptance, and virtual high fives!

What can Common Wealth Retirement offer you?

  • Make a difference. Use your skills for good by helping more people achieve a secure retirement. The global retirement savings gap is estimated at $70 trillion. By making a dent in this problem, you will have a big impact.
  • Accelerate your career. We’re growing fast and need leaders who want to grow with us. You’ll get as many opportunities and responsibilities as you can handle, with support and guidance when you need it. 
  • Challenging problem. Retirement security is one of the most difficult problems in finance. Solutions require creativity and cross-discipline collaboration.
  • Growth market. As people live longer, the need for efficient retirement security is likely to grow.
  • Remote first team with a Toronto HQ. Common Wealth is located at the centre of one of the world’s most sophisticated ecosystems for retirement, including some of the world’s leading pension funds.
  • Start-up nimbleness with less downside. Like many start-ups, we are small and can innovate quickly. But unlike other start-ups, we have been in business for over five years, meaning there is less risk associated with our business model than those firms that have yet to find product-market fit. 
  • Enticing total rewards. We pay competitively and lead by the example we set in that workplace financial security is not a trade-off. Our total compensation includes a dollar-for-dollar match into one of our award-winning retirement plans and company stock options (one of our values is to act like owners, so you should be one). Naturally, you will also receive basics like health and life insurance. We trust you to do your work, so we are flexible with where and when you do it, as long as you can collaborate effectively with us in a virtual world.

If this role sounds like the one for you, please email your resume to with “Account Executive” in the subject line.

At Common Wealth Retirement, we believe that diversity in all its forms – including diversity of gender, race, nationality, age, and professional, educational, and socioeconomic background – is critical to building high-performing teams and serving a diverse customer base. Creating an inclusive work environment is a high priority and an area of continuous improvement. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we welcome people of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We will work with applicants to provide accommodations at any stage of the hiring process. 

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