How is Common Wealth different from other options?

Common Wealth is a fully digital group retirement platform, that offers low-fee group RRSP, TFSA, RRIF and DPSP accounts in a single plan, making it an affordable benefit for any size company. It is the only plan on the market that offers personalized planning and smart in-app suggestions, so members know:

  • How much retirement income they will need in retirement
  • How much they can expect in government benefits
  • How much to save, and what account to save in
  • How to minimize taxes and maximize government benefits
  • Where to invest based on their age and income

With Common Wealth, members keep their low fee plan for life. The plan offers automatic investing in target-date funds from BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager – giving you professionally managed funds, tailor-made for retirement. By combining group purchasing power, digital technology, and world-class retirement research, the plan has the potential to deliver up to 3x the value for money of a typical individual approach to saving for retirement.

While most investment options on the market focus on accumulation of assets, our approach is based on monthly retirement income. The plan does all of this with lower fees and a legal duty to administer and manage the plan in the plan members’ best interests.

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