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At Common Wealth, we are driven by our mission to help all Canadians achieve financial security in retirement. Through our award-winning digital retirement platform, Common Wealth makes it easy to plan, save, and build a reliable retirement income – so our members can feel confident about their financial future. As Canada’s only retirement fintech, Common Wealth is the trusted group retirement plan provider to a rapidly growing number of businesses, non-profits, and other groups across the country, and works in collaboration with benefits advisors, HR platforms, and other valued partners. Our team is growing to continue to improve the financial security of more and more Canadians.

We are looking for a quantitatively oriented Senior Product Manager who can own features end-to-end and help drive continued digital product innovation at Common Wealth. If you are curious, feel free to click here to read more about us at Common Wealth.

What you will do:

    • Deliver key product features. You will independently lead the delivery of key new features on our platform. As a Senior Product Manager, this will mean leading some of our larger and more mission-critical features to create value for our plan members, our participating employers, our distribution partners, and our colleagues within Common Wealth. Your job is vital as you will lead, create, problem solve, and improve features to deliver better outcomes for customers. Your quantitative orientation will make you especially effective in leading on features with significant back-end complexity, involving our core recordkeeping system. Leading on product features at Common Wealth entails end-to-end responsibility for research, requirements gathering and writing, collaborating with the engineering team, release planning, and quality assurance (we do not currently have a standalone QA team). You will be looking at the business holistically to identify areas where you can assist in helping build efficiency. You understand workflows and can have a big impact on not only efficiency, but also on the quality of both internal and external support tools.
    • Effectively build and manage relationships. You are seen as a trusted, effective person in the organization. You will work collaboratively with all teams within Common Wealth, particularly the engineering team, to ensure you are supporting the business goals from a product standpoint. You know how to listen, collaboratively solve problems, build buy-in, balance the needs of different stakeholders, and – perhaps most of all – communicate well. You are also good at working with external stakeholders, including distribution and delivery partners, as Common Wealth will be managing a growing number of integrations with financial services (e.g., banking, investment, annuity, custodial), payroll, and other partners. As part of the implementation process, you will be working with various stakeholders to capture feature specifications and conduct interface discussions.
    • Data analysis and reporting. You will use your strong quantitative skill set to not only build out the platform, but also work with internal and external stakeholders to create more oversight and reporting metrics to make data-driven decisions. Together with the engineering team, you will support the improvement of our data analysis and reporting within Common Wealth. You will support defining reporting and data visualization requirements to effectively communicate data-driven insights to both internal and external stakeholders. Strong analytical and financial skills will help you build out key features within the organization, like the Customer Success panel and HubSpot integration.

Who you are:

    • Customer-centric. You are highly motivated by a desire to create value for customers and partners. You will be working closely with our customers and end users to drive decision-making for the product. You never stop asking yourself the “why” behind a feature build-out. You’re able to juggle the current needs of the product with future needs and continue to be customer-focused to come up with the right solutions that we can efficiently implement with our small team.
    • Organized and detail-oriented. Your attention to detail is often what sets you apart from others. You’re meticulous in how you plan, organize, track and monitor projects and data. You know how to manage projects involving multiple workstreams, meet timelines, and keep multiple balls in the air. You will be looking at a lot of numbers, and you will need to notice when something looks off, recognize what the impact may be, and work with the team to correct the issue.
    • Comfortable making business decisions with a calm demeanor. You will make a variety of decisions on a day-to-day basis. While making the decisions, you remain calm and can work through the noise that will come up. You understand the business and what needs to be done, and you do not hesitate for too long to propose and execute on that understanding. You have strong instincts about when to make a decision yourself, and when to involve others in the decision-making process.
    • Results-focused and a quantitative thinker. You likely come from an analysis and/or quantitative background and are driven by data. You are comfortable working with numbers while solving problems.
    • Problem solver. You are curious by nature and enjoy solving problems in order to help both internal and external stakeholders. You thrive when looking through data and analyzing the problem in efforts to devise a plan to improve the user experience. You consistently demonstrate ownership over your role and can engage the right people in order to help you solve the issue.
    • Effective communicator. You can easily impact and engage with a range of people both internal and external, while masterfully personalizing your approach in order to reach your goal. You can summarize and communicate your thoughts very clearly with a broad range of stakeholders. Empathy is something that comes very naturally to you.
    • Thrive on collaboration. You excel when you can collaborate in a meaningful way with people within and external to the organization. You know how to work extremely well with software engineers as a collaborative and value-adding partner.

Why work with us:

Common Wealth is a fast-growing company with a mission to change the lives of Canadians. Joining our team will allow you the opportunity to have firsthand experience shaping and influencing key decisions about the organization. You will have a great amount of autonomy in your job and how you organize your day-to-day. You will be joining a team of like-minded mission-driven innovators who want to improve the Canadian retirement landscape. In addition to a competitive salary of $105-120k, you will receive health and dental benefits, life insurance, an additional Health Spending Account, a 5% employer match into one of our award-winning group retirement plans, and four weeks of vacation. Our team currently operates using a flexible, hybrid work model with the option for remote work. We have an office in downtown Toronto for those who prefer to work from the office. Our growing team combines deep expertise in the key disciplines necessary to help our customers achieve retirement success. We have also formed partnerships with world-class investment and annuities providers, including BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, and Brookfield Annuity, a leading provider of group annuities.

About our platform

The Common Wealth platform provides workplace-based and individual retirement plans that are easier to use and 2-3x more efficient than what the incumbents offer to our target customers. It is a secure, cloud-native, full-stack platform that harnesses the latest software infrastructure, architecture, and methodologies. You can also see highlights of the member experience in this overview video.

Our platform is essentially a combination of two things:

    • A digital retirement planning, saving, investing, and income-generation solution for individuals. Some people think of it as a kind of next generation of robo-advisor focused on the specific problem of retirement – one that automates not only investing, but also retirement planning, saving, and income generation, including the integration of investment and insurance instruments.
    • A modern end-to-end workplace retirement plan administration / recordkeeping system.

Our technology platform includes:

    • A plan member platform focused on retirement saving, planning, and income generation. It enables plan members to build an evidence-based, automated retirement plan in 10-15 minutes, provides access to high-quality institutional investment strategies (e.g., target date funds from BlackRock), and integrates a unique-in-Canada Guaranteed Lifetime Income offering (in partnership with Brookfield Annuity Company), among other unique features (see this member experience overview video). 
    • An employer platform that connects to various payroll systems and allows employers to easily administer their group retirement plan. Our employer functionality allows a high degree of flexibility when it comes to plan design and fees, and is built using API-ready architecture, making it possible to integrate with payroll providers and other ecosystem partners. See this employer experience overview video.
    • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) functionality that allows partners and plan sponsors to white-label and configure the entire Common Wealth digital experience to meet the unique needs of their organization and customer base. Our multi-tenant architecture makes it efficient for us to onboard and maintain PaaS partners.
    • Internal tools, including a Customer Success Panel, to support our internal teams in serving our customers and partners and supporting our business operations
    • Powerful data analytics that inform our own product development and support our plan sponsors, brokers, advisors, and other partners. The unique architecture of our product allows us to capture key metrics that are most relevant to employer and member value in a way that our competitors cannot.

To apply:

We are a respectful workplace committed to building a skilled and diverse workforce. We believe in fostering an inclusive work environment where all individuals have an opportunity to succeed. We welcome and encourage applications from everyone. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please apply through the application, and if you would like to reach out, you can email

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