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A digital retirement plan for today's workforce

A retirement plan should be more than just an investment account. Common Wealth offers easy and affordable workplace retirement plans that help members maximize their savings through built-in planning, smart in-app suggestions, and low-fee investments tailor-made for retirement. 

What's innovative about Common Wealth?

Common Wealth is the only solution on the market with built-in planning, so you know how much you’ll need in retirement income, how much to expect from government benefits and how much to save, with a contribution schedule to help get you there.

Compete checklist
Low fees (more money for members)
Built-in planning (suggests how much you need & how much to save)
RRSP, TFSA, DPSP, RRIF in one plan
Matches members to an age-appropriate BlackRock target date fund
Automatic portfolio balancing & risk adjustment
Guaranteed lifetime income (annuities) in the plan
Tax & government benefit optimization
Easy digital setup, enrollment & maintenance
Flexible matching options
Dedicated support & team education
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Enhance retirement wealth by as much as


The Pension Research Council at the Wharton School found that plan members using low-cost target date funds, such as the ones through the Common Wealth plan, earned 2.3% higher returns each year, which can enhance retirement wealth by as much as 50% over 30 years.


Why you'll love us

Workplace plans are highly valued by employees as most Canadians have to choose between investing in a high-fee bank RRSP that chews up a significant amount of their earnings, or learn to manage their own investments. With Common Wealth, your team gets the best of both worlds: low fees and a professionally managed investment portfolio.

Lower fees than a bank RRSP

Our fees are up to 70% less than what the average Canadian investor pays, which means more money in our members’ pocket.

Low-effort setup & maintenance

Our digital platform and payroll integration make setup, enrollment and ongoing monthly contributions quick and easy.

Affordable for any size company

We’ll help you structure a flexible contribution and matching plan that works for your company culture and your budget.

No investing knowledge required

We offer professionally managed target date funds from BlackRock® that automatically rebalance and adjust risk to become more conservative as you near retirement. 

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